Currently the video is the next big thing for the direct communication between the company and its customers and is distinguished by the directness and speed. She slowly started to refer to the term video marketing strategy. More and more companies operating on the Internet are adopting such strategies in order to stay competitive and offer superior shopping experience to consumers. This is why using video gives customers a more direct way to see an object and get information about it from the moment they have no direct contact with it. The video is more descriptive and detailed than a simple description. We know how to create video for each product is a fairly time-consuming and costly investment especially if you have a relatively large product catalog. But it is an additional feature that will give you the competitive advantage that can be looking to differentiate and stand out from your competition.

Video: Ο Βασιλιάς του περιεχομένου

Then we will analyze the reasons for using video in your online store is a great solution that will increase your sales :

1. Consumers tend to sit longer on pages containing videos

This think happens because consumers would rather to watch a video than to read the product description. For this phenomenon liable possible human to absorb more information more quickly watching a video than any other form of content. According to a survey conducted by Invodo 2/3 of customers who will watch videos in the field of e-shop you will see at least 80% of your video. This significantly increases the total time remaining customers to your e-shop and created better conditions for potential markets.

2. The videos help in increasing conversion rate

It may seem somewhat excessive, but this online customers are visual creatures because according to a survey conducted showed that 93% of customers think that visual stimuli are the strongest factor determining their purchases. Also 73% of customers said they are more likely to buy a product after having seen a video presentation, while 44% report that it would buy more products from an e-shop that features videos of its products, according research from Study conducted by SwellPath in popular e-commerce store. KPIs used to measure the impact of using video on product pages. The study showed that the conversion rate to product pages with video is 160% higher compare to other pages, this resulted in an increase in traffic and revenue.


3. The video helps increase episkepsimotitas to your e-shop

There is a divide among marketers about whether the video helps SEO. The truth is that having videos on your e-shop really achieve better ranking of your e-shop in search engines according to the Buffer research. It is observed that the content consists of audiovisual material produces on average three times more monthly visitors to your e-shop than an e-shop that does not have audio-visual material.

4. Direct connection to social media

As you noticed any audiovisual content is the most popular player object in the most famous social media. The public loves to see and hear much more than to read text and descriptions. Also, users share a sizable percentage of such content in social media which should exploit your business and offer more and more content. The most popular social media which are used by marketers to advertise and share their material form as Facebook, Instagram and recently has entered in our life in Snapchat. All three aforementioned social media have a common denominator, have focused on the dissemination of information through video and image.

Ιnterest are the statistics will refer below and reflect the power of video content:

  • Customers viewing video with this product will go on the market of 73%
  • 71% of customers believe that one of their video gives more information about a product than a common description
  • 57% of customers who have first seen a video about a product, are not surprised and usually are more satisfied with the product.
  • 58% of customers believe that the companies that have video on their products are more reliable and trusted

From what has been mentioned we can see the importance of using video and audiovisual content in general to improve communication and the promotion of your business sales. It is a trend that is increasingly seen by the largest companies in the retail and not only to adopt such strategies. Our company offer advanced services perceived trends of the market along with your needs.

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