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οnline sales
made easy

Give your business state of the art tools for development

οnline sales
made easy

Give your business state of the art tools for development

Eshop construction with unique design, functions and incredible automations. Take the first step to achieve more online sales today

e-commerce solutions since 2005

Eshop construction with a unique design, functions and automations at an incredible price.

Take the first step to achieve more online sales today.

more sales with less effort

  • Easy automated management environment
  • Quick display of products on all devices
  • Larger orders with modern sales mechanisms
  • Marketing & sales in all popular media
  • Direct technical support with “your” e-commerce expert
  • Satisfied customers, more profits!

eShop Software

Eshop construction with cutting edge technologies

Create your new online store with us on one of the most popular and reliable eShop platforms (Prestashop & Woocommerce). With hundreds of technical features, specialized functions and extensions we satisfy even the most special business requirements.

User Experience

Aesthetics with usability

Choose one of the beautiful brand new templates or design one with us add unique aesthetics and functionality to your online store

eShop Integration & Customization

Specialized services & connections

For all of you who want to implement innovations without spending a fortune. We implement the most challenging marketing and sales business models by applying specialized software, interfaces and extensions to the core platform.

Numerous payment methods

credit & debit card | cash on delivery | bank deposit | payment gateways

Numerous payment methods

Automatic delivery cost calculatio

Multichannel Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales in all available channels

From google to facebook and pinterest, promote your brand and products quickly and efficiently.

Automate the process of displaying and selling your products on all known marketplaces and price comparison sites: amazon, etsy, ebay, skroutz, bestprice, glami, google merchant center…

Backoffice console

Quick and easy management

Through a modern and secure management and control system, you and your partners can manage an unlimited number of products and categories, fulfill and monitor the progress of orders as well as be informed directly about customers, orders and sales

Responsive Design

Aesthetics with usability

Smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or even smart TV? From wherever you your audience visits you the experience they will get while interacting with your online store should be the best possible. With responsive custom design we build eshops that work flawlessly on all known mobiles devices and web browserr.

eShop Optimization

Optimizations to the max for top performance!

Construction of mobile optimized eshop for distinct functionality and appearance SEO optimized websites and contents Performance optimization: CDN, Web Cache, DB Cache, Proxy & Browser optimization Optimized usability & customer experience.

eShop Migration Services

Transfer your data and services from your old eshop to your brand new one

We transfer your valuable data to the new eshop: customers, suppliers, orders, products, categories, brands For the special services we build correspondingly equivalent modules and plugins
We study the old eShop and adjust the new one accordingly so that the transfer does not affect the ranking of your pages in search engines

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