Application Integration Services

Connection - modernization of applications and automation of business flows

Seamless and secure integration of applications and data

We create solutions based on Open Standards for the integration of your applications without the need for modifications in your existing data and software:

    Process automation
    Reduction of errors due to human intervention
    Improving quality and reliability of your services
    Reduction of management cost
    Reuse existing software

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  • Connect your e-commerce or website with your back-office applications such as CRM and ERP
  • Connect your application with third-party software and / or services such as: video conference, streaming media, SMS gateways, Digital Rights Management (DRM), search engines, email marketing, payment gateways
  • Synchronize data between your heterogeneous applications or databases
  • Data Streams processsing, web services Orchestration (asynchronous, flow control, transaction management & activity monitoring)
  • Web Services: SOAP, WDSL, UDDI, JSON
  • Process and Data Flows Automation with NoSQL, Java, Apache NiFi & Apache Kafka (message broker - data streaming engine)
  • MicroServices architecture - REST model services based on standards such as HTTP, URL and JSON/XML/AVRO
  • Direct data access with database calls using interfaces such as JDBC and ODBC
  • Program calls for access in the available API of the existing applications(Java, C, PL / SQL, PHP, JavaScript)