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Κάνουμε τις ιδέες σας πράξη !

Our company was founded in 2005 with basic objective the provision of development services and support of specialized software applications. Our aim is to support the operation and development of organizations or companies that cooperate with us, helping to meet the technological needs using the extensive experience and expertise of our partners.

Professional service companies eCommerce applications B2C / B2B

Enterprise Content Management Systems and web portals for public sector organizations and professional service companies

Integrated online marketing: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, eMail marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization

Management Information Systems (MIS) for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS (European standard for Environmental Management)

Project and Risk Management Information Systems

European structural-cohesion funs management information system

work together, win together

We believe that quality service, respect for colleagues and clients, honesty, and exceeding the expectations of our customers are self-evident constant values not only for Synergic Software, but for every service company.

In order to create harmonic relationships with our customers, attract remarkable associates, and keep our enthusiasm, we believe that we must constantly strive for:


Open and clear communication on all issues that may occur during our cooperation.

Easy Approach

To be accessible to partners and customers wherever they need us.

Mutual benefit

A partnership is successful only when it benefits everyone involved.

Continuous improvement

Μια συνεργασία θεωρείται επιτυχής μόνο όταν επωφελούνται όλοι οι εμπλεκόμενοι.

Practices – Methods

Our main objectives are the overall customer support, high quality and reliability of offered solutions and the constant evolution and adaptation to new technological trends and practices:

  • We apply effective methods of design and monitoring the successful quality and standards at all stages of Production & Service
  • We provide the requisite human and material resources
  • We apply tested project management practices based on international standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) with the aim of total and effective management of the projects we undertake
  • We use widespread practices and methods (such as configuration management and requirements management) in all phases of software development cycle with well-established tools and techniques (Prototyping, Use Case Requirements Analysis, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, UML) that contribute to the completeness and correctness of the final result
  • We are constantly evolving, we adopt and implement new technology platforms and development tools in order to improve overall service offerings