Cross-selling is a sales strategy which aims to increase the size of the order and therefore the money that your client will spend in his online store purchases. But what is cross-selling and how it is applied? It's a sales strategy that the seller encourages customers to buy additional products or services belonging to different categories and complement the core product. For example, the customer is interested in buying a smartphone the seller in its turn will prompt the customer to purchase additional products to be "complete" the customer experience. Cross-selling to your e-shop is no different from the cross-selling you apply to a physical store, only that the place of the seller assumes the eCommerce platform which is built in your shop.



As we are on the product page distinguish the bottom a list of products where 3 of the 4 are complementary products. This way the seller encourages customers to buy products which will complete the experience gained from the use of your smartphone and will be able to increase sales of the company.



How we implement a successful cross-selling function?

  • Creating strong links between products

A client may not have the intention to buy a smartphone which has a glass screen. Taking advantage of the situation that the mobile glass screen is particularly sensitive Encourage your client to purchase an additional product to protect the display screen. In most physical stores, complementary products are usually in the same or adjacent racks. The online store does not have a "shelf", but we under commodity which the customer is interested to buy to recommend complementary products will complete the experience.

  • Proper implementation.

The appropriate place to implement cross-selling operations in an online store is the product description page as it performs better than the other points. The shopping cart is another alternative site for operation but its application should be done discreetly without "harassing" customers during the checkout process.

  • Product bundling

Create packages of products or services that are complementary to or necessary to each other. Combine these packages with a discount on the final price to increase the motivation of your customers and entice them to buy.




  •  Do not overdo it


Cross-selling is an excellent way to increase sales but should not overdo it. Target the needs and preferences of your customers because the continuous bombardment of customer products will cause confusion and increase the probability of not eventually complete a purchase.

Secret to successful cross-selling lies in satisfying the needs of customers who should feel gainer from the market and the extra money spent. Also, the success and failure of the strategy depends to a large extent on the implementation of the e-Commerce platform to build your e-shop. Our company understands the importance of the process and the features that will make your e-shop to stand out and implement any business plan to the importance of the distinction.

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